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The following are a few of Expedition Film Company's upcoming projects. Expedition Film Company is a narrative and documentary film production company based in Boston with a global outlook on storytelling.

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the world is round

The science is clear, and the evidence is all around us... Climate change is real and is having a serious impact on the Earth. The world is changing. We are so reckless with the environment and we know it. In 200 years, future generations will look at us like we look at slave owners... that is unless we do something about it.



We are separated in so many ways. Our skin color, gender and sexual identity, ethnicity, and racial background define us, but beyond that, we are all human. Reconnect is a documentary film following EXPED founder Braden Joe in a mission to find his background. Braden is bi-racial, and to his knowledge is 1/2 Chinese, 1/8 German, 1/8 Italian, 1/8 Scottish, and 1/8 Welsh. He will take a DNA test to confirm or find out new genetic information. Afterwards, he will try and find a distant relative in every country his relatives hail from--all to prove that we aren't as disconnected as we think.